No major label required

Not all music is released from major labels. Indie and underground artist are making quality music on their own. These musicians are able to make a living off of their product and turn their musical talent into a career.
Whoever stated that you must be signed to a major label in order to be successful was wrong. With the help of technology and hard work musicians are recording and producing their own music and making it available for potential fans.

With software such as Reason, Sonar, or Pro tools; musicians are able to record and produce quality tracks that is ready for radio play or a cd. Once the music has been recorded, individuals can once again use their computer to burn their tracks to cd or use a cd duplication or replication service to obtain a cd package that offers a more professional look.

After the music tracks and cds are complete musicians can promote through social media, radio stations, or word of mouth. Promoting your music can result in booking shows or selling cds. With hard work and dedication money that is obtained from selling shows and selling cds can easily cause you to quit your day job.
Two pieces of advice can be given to help indie and underground artist on this journey. No.1 never give up and no. 2 create goals on this journey that will help to keep you focused.